My life with ADD – Part 1

They call me the list-maker – well my close friends do. The reason I’m obsessed with lists (more on my lists later) is because of something I found out by chance. I have ADD. I found out at 29 when I happened to read the symptoms written on a social media post by a worried mother who’s child was exhibiting them.… Read more →


What are you grateful for?

For good friends. Who stick around no matter what. Their loyalty and craziness is a different, more simpler kind of love.   2. For family They make me feel like everything’s gonna be OK. Even though it may not be.   3. For husbands For he brings balance to my life and fills me up where I lack. If I forget to… Read more →

You need this

Writing is embedded in my soul. It comes through me like water from a fountain, love from my heart. It is why I exist and why I write, in any shape and form – freelance, for free, for my job, my blog. I have a message and my purpose is to share a story with the written word.   This songs explains it… Read more →

I’m back…

from an almost two month hiatus. It’s taken time for me to grow to the blogger I am now. Two months ago I was confused and confused. After searching and learning about myself, I’ve grown to appreciate myself. I can confidently say that I’m a more confident blogger because of this break. I know now that in order to get the… Read more →

Kindness evolves slower in humans

Someone was humiliated on Facebook yesterday. It was brief. Her account was hacked into and I was one of the first people to see the drama unfold. A few minutes later a picture of herself holding her baby son showed up. The hacker called out the woman as having an affair with someone else’s husband. After that, personal emails were posted,… Read more →

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