Chaotic mind




From businesses to parenting to watching a cartoon to cleaning my house, to planning my shopping route.

I have multiple thoughts all at once.

My sentences in my minds are jumbled.

They come out jumbled.

My release seems to be writing about it.

I get bored.

A lot.

It scares me.

I can’t focus on one idea and make it work.

I have many ideas and want to pursue all of them at once.

I write my ideas down. One per page and draw mind maps to elaborate on the ideas.

It helps.

When it comes to writing  a blog post, my mind can’t decide which topic to use.

I’ve completed an ADHD assessment online.

I believe I have ADD (or as I call it Attention Abundance Disorder).

It is my talent and my foe.

I am yet to deal with it.

It stops me from being organised.

It hinders me from prioritising.

It does not allow me to focus.

It makes me different.

I analyse things differently.

It makes me eager to read.

And find out new things.

It makes me more intelligent.

I like having ADD.

I enjoy sucking at organising and planning and prioritising.

It’s a part of who I am.



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