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Someone was humiliated on Facebook yesterday. It was brief.

Her account was hacked into and I was one of the first people to see the drama unfold. A few minutes later a picture of herself holding her baby son showed up. The hacker called out the woman as having an affair with someone else’s husband. After that, personal emails were posted, that was allegedly exchanged between the woman and the married spouse she was having an affair with.

People are regularly confronted with this type of propaganda via social media and there are people who would enjoy reading about other peoples troubles.

I figured this will be terribly humiliating for the woman, and since I’m Facebook friends with her I made a futile effort to report her profile to Facebook admin so that further posting to her profile be reviewed first i.e put on hold. It didn’t really work because Facebook didn’t have an option for “someone hacked into my account and is posting private or embarrassing or untrue things about me, FROM ME!”

No one else commented or liked any of the posts because clearly they knew what I knew. There was one person that liked her picture with the all-revealing words above it, guess they didn’t read the caption before liking, or they are just “like-trolls” who ‘like’ anything they see on social media.

What pushes a hacker to fake-post on someone’s profile? What level of hate will be in their heart to do that? Or do they feel like they are righting the wrongs of society?

The hacked account posted private emails (copied and pasted). There’s no way to verify whether any of it was true, but the woman’s personal life was put under scrutiny. She has a son who’s old enough to be on Facebook too. Poor kid.

After about 15 minutes the posts were removed. Her profile is now inactive and her life possibly in shambles.

I regret not being able to contact her to say “hey, someone hacked your account and is posting stories about you”. But we were not that close, and I was scared she would feel ashamed.

To quote James Altucher: “Only kindness can make a right (or even a “slight right at the intersection” as the beautiful sexy woman inside my GPS says)”.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good people get so angry they will hurt someone in the worst possible way, in the heat of the moment. Sometimes good people make bad decisions and exchange emails with a married man. Or not. Sometimes good people with bad anger try to justify hurting someone by bringing out or making up what they think is the truth.

The world is not as clear cut as we see it. Truth vs Lies. Love vs Hate. Anger vs Happiness. It’s all an interwoven, complicated, webbed, mosaic of life where humans have evolved just like technology.

Eventually Facebook will evolve and allow Samaritan users to flag possibly hacked accounts as it might contribute to saving someone’s reputation.

Humans? Can only kindness make a right for us?

I don’t know if there’s hope.


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