1. IMG_1067

    For good friends.

    Who stick around no matter what. Their loyalty and craziness is a different, more simpler kind of love.


2. For family

They make me feel like everything’s gonna be OK. Even though it may not be.


3. For husbands

For he brings balance to my life and fills me up where I lack. If I forget to love myself, he loves me for me and sometimes even more.


4. Children

If they fail I’ve failed. My ultimate goal is to teach them success (i.e. independence, respect, and the best decision-making skills). Only then will I be successful.


6. Wives

As his wife I live to bring balance to his life and fill him up where he lacks. If he forgets anything, I remind him. And I love him more than he loves himself.


7. Forgiveness

It gives my heart the chance to start over. To live with happiness instead of a heart filled with anger and hate. When I see someone who might deserve my anger, it’s too draining when my brain remembers all of the reasons why I should be angry at them. To ensure I spend my good energy on points 1 to 4 above I use point 8 below.


8. Ignorance

Not the absence of knowledge but rather the conscious action to ignore negativity. In things, persons, and situations. Negativity is an occurrence that I keep at bay, especially if someone’s or something’s energy does not match mine.


9. Good health

Life happens and so does death. I’m thankful that myself and my loved ones are in good health.


10. An open mind

It makes me appreciate life around me especially outside of my comfort zone. My love for reading and writing stimulates my lust for knowledge and to try new things.


11. The small things

I get excited. A lot. And over the smallest things. I laugh at anything. Especially dry humour. I always have a nonsensical story to share with anyone that’s willing to listen. I might bore some people. That’s OK too. I appreciate life and appreciate that everyone has different tastes in stories. I’m not ashamed of the silly version of me. It’s one of the many hats I wear.

I’m grateful that I’ve found my true self. Life is too short to be anyone else 🙂

What do you have on your list of things to be grateful for?

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