I have neglected my blog for a while

imagesProcrastination takes over.

Life happens.

Kids need attention.

They want to be read to.

Tiredness takes advantage of me. And I let it.

I really work too hard.

If only I worked from home.

My husband needs me to be a wife. I feel guilty when I’m not.

The house stays untidy. Untidiness bothers me more when I have to write.

Meals must be cooked. If it doesn’t, and I feed them sandwiches, will I still be a good mother?

Laundry to be washed. If I skip one night it throws out my whole system of ensuring clean clothing for my kids.

I skipped a week of writing and it eats on me everyday.  I want to write more. I can’t. The words are coming out too fast. My fingers can’t keep up with the speed of thought in my head.







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