Language is everything

It’s in the way I talk and when I don’t.

The way I read stories in English and Afrikaans to my children.

It is when I correct people’s grammar in my head while having a conversation with them.

It is attending my Indian fitness dance class and moving my eyes and head to the beat of the Hindi music.

It is in the way I carefully think before writing a text to someone pondering often on whether the recipient will not read too much or too little into it.

It is me sharing my favourite posts and quotes on social media. And when I become inspired to invent my own positivity quotes and post them with my own name underneath.

It is the yearning to read since reading has become a luxury for a working wife and mother of two.

It is in my taste for rich culture and cultural experiences, whether my own culture of that of others.

It’s in the way I giggle when my daughter, who loves dance, impersonates a Pantsula dancer.

It’s the confidence I gained receiving first prize for language Olympiads and poetry contests.

It’s the way I absorb languages and cultures and religions like a sponge and the people from those cultures adore me.

It is how my children imitate me when they use language. It shows my nagging about grammar pays off.

It’s in my journey to start writing and then to not write anything for two years, and then to start writing again.

My love for language will ignite my writing and may my written word have no end

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