A pro at procrastinating in 2018


Today is the first day of school for the children of South African.

It’s also the day I start with my new years’ resolutions.

To me, this day is also known as

  • the day I start to go to the gym again,
  • the day I start eating healthy again and,
  • the first day I promise to write more on my blog.

Needless to say, because I have postponed my New Year’s until today, I must be the reason there is PRO in the word procrastinator,

Today is  the day my procrastination stops.

Why? Because,

  • I love myself too much to keep putting off doing the activities that I know will benefit me.
  • I love myself too much to keep practicing bad habits that have not brought significant change to my life.
  • I love my kids too much to deprive them of a motivated, go-getter of a mother. I am who they are. And if I’m my best self then will they be their best.

Time for a change.


In order to kill off my postponement habits, I have to become aware of my own BS.

Here are my reasons for procrastination:

  1. I’m subconsciously trying to be a perfectionist

I try to write a blog post and if my topic or writing isn’t up to scratch, I give up.

  1. I feel too lazy

My brain tells me to clean my house when I think of doing a task

  1. I’m tired

My brain tells me to sleep later than usual and then I will wake up feeling more refreshed, and then I will perform better at completing my tasks. This is a lie my brain keeps telling me

  1. I overthink / My mind wanders / My mind runs  away from one though to the next

Like when I was writing point number 3 above my brain immediately thought of another post to write about how our brains are lying to us on a daily basis. Is that a post for another day? Definitely. But I have to say it and do it else my brain takes over and writes the post based on the other story.

  1. I worry about what people will think about me and my story
  2. I have no motivation to start
  3. My mind is telling me not to do it
  4. Once I started, I lose interest after a while and want to move on to something else


Based on all of the above reasons I can see my mind is not my ally, not yet anyway. I have to make it an alliance by training it to think and do the way I want it to. If my brain steps out of line I have every right to bring it back to the topic at hand.

Here’s how I do this

  1. Instead of acting on my impulsive thoughts I write them down (almost on a ‘to do later list’)
  2. I anchor my mind by thinking about what I can smell, see, hear and touch and talk to myself in my head about the sensations.
  3. I talk to myself and ask myself if what I’m doing is helping me to reach my goals
  4. Instead of opening 17 tabs on Chrome (because that the number of thoughts I have in relation to when I open Chrome) I just focus on the currently open one and a make a note of the other ideas I want to google on my ‘to do later list’.
  5. I stick to doing only one thing at a time. If my mind is buzzing too much I do two things at the most. Then I alternate between these two tasks to not get bored.
  6. I’m learning to be confident in my abilities
  7. I’m learning to love what I’m doing
  8. I don’t block out other things that happen to me. I will acknowledge it and then write down the notices and reminders. Things that must be put away or tidied I do immediately if it will only take me a few seconds. (I’m surprised how much tidying or meal prep I can do while warming my son’s cereal in the microwave)
  9. I don’t act on impulsive thoughts like googling the questions that pop into my head. I write them down to do later.
  10. I am strict with myself. I talk and scold and praise myself when the need arises.
  11. I take a daily tyrosine supplement.
  12. I meditate regularly using this Android app.

Writing down our thoughts, emotions and experiences is the first step in acknowledgement that something is wrong and in finding a way to correct it.

Wow, I wrote this whole post within a few hours normally I take a whole day!

I tried my best to stay focused and besides the minor checking of WhatsApp and doing work I actually gave this post the full attention it deserves.

In conclusion: Whatever you think, just think the opposite. (Hmmm…sounds like a good post for ANOTHER DAY!)

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