Dear 18-year-old Me

Dear me

Slow it down my girl… There is no rush to the next milestone of your life.

Why are you in such a hurry?

I know you’re excited to experience, and do and be, but the best things come to those who wait.

Over-eagerness will not make you happier.

Live your life one day at a time and the things that are meant to happen will still happen at the right times.

(Then my  18-year-old self-says to me)

Whether I rush things or whether I slow it down, what is meant for me will happen to me, no matter my pace.

(I was a wise-ass back then)

Right there I got schooled by my 18-year-old self.

I just humbled myself.

I turned 18 in February the year after I finished high school. I was done with school work and I felt on the brink of adulthood.

I had a job, which I had worked at since 15 and it was waiting for me to walk into. I enjoyed earning money. It felt good.

I was excited to go out with my friends and to meet new people. I always knew there was more to life and the world than my small town I was living in. I wanted to experience all things new and shiny and I felt the urge to immerse myself in the unfamiliarity of it.

I had no idea how to judge a good character.

And I followed my intuition or played eeny-meeny-miny -mo with almost all of my decisions.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and at that age, I had never experienced major regret. So I didn’t bother with having a ‘graduation plan’ for after high school.

I’m thirty-three and I can choose to regret my past choices every day, but instead, I choose to live life knowing that what was meant for me happened to me and was destined for me no matter what I did.

Being 18 was an amazing time. The excitement of every new day and the prospect of my future and the uncertainty of adulthood just thrilled the younger me.

I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t steer the course of my life. I allowed life and circumstances to steer me.

I didn’t know any better and I wasn’t supposed to know better.

I needed to do the things I did and live the life I lived to justify the awesome person I’ve become.

I salute you 18 year old me.

For your tenacity and not giving up no matter what came our way.

For the cool head, you kept in scary situations.

For your love of learning and for the humility you possessed to make me a teachable student of life.

For being a hard worker which taught me to be resourceful and always finding a way.

I salute you because I had to be 18 and do the things I did to be who I am today.

I salute you and I have no regrets.

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