Five Highlights of 2017



I must take time and be grateful for the important things in my life. It makes my life worth celebrating, makes my Christmas holidays overflowed with love and joy and my new year ready to be ridden like a horse into the sunset.

In 2017 I feel different. I feel more open and relaxed. I feel much better in comparison to 2016 and 2015.

Here’s why:

  1. I started studying this year. I’m completing my Psychology degree and my plan is to be Doctor Kashiefah by the end of five years. The balance between studying and working and running a household has just pushed me to be better in all these areas.
  2. Unlike previous years, my son has not been to the hospital for any major illnesses and he is totally off his chronic inhalers for bronchitis. I’ve been giving him a natural remedy that seems to be boosting his immune system and keeps him healthy. 
  3. I started a new job this year. The challenges were amazing and it has pushed me to become a better version of myself. I enjoy the position immensely.
  4. My daughter is functioning independently. She is only eleven but has shown growth in areas of her school work, time management and utilising the resources at her disposal. I can’t imagine being half the girl she is at eleven years old. She is my right hand
  5. Married life has overflowed with celebrations and challenges. I love that husband and I can laugh at each other, be sarcastic about things we do wrong and still love each other hard. We’ve embraced our flaws and grown into an amazing power couple.

I originally intended to write about twelve highlights of 2017. I quickly realised that I don’t have that many highlights, and that’s okay too. It’s not about bragging to the world about how perfect life is but rather about reflecting upon the good things of my life and taking the focus and attention away from the bad for a moment.

May our cups overflow with self-love and positivity.

May we always live life from the inside out and choose gratitude and hope when we are in doubt.

May we embrace the power of now and saying yes to all things good and bad.

May we enter the new year with feelings of abundance and fulfilment and may it follow us around for the rest of our lives.




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