What Important Things Should You Never Forget in Life?

Rethinking our world

As soon as you are young enough to remember, remember this:


You are placed on this earth with the intention to help yourself, first and foremost. Your primary focus should be to help and improve yourself and your life, and you will, in a domino effect, help and improve the rest of your household, your neighbourhood, your community, your town, your city, your country and eventually the world. (The oxygen mask in an airplane comes to mind)


Always remember that no man is an island. Our interaction with other people is profoundly important to living life. There would be no point to our life if there was only one person alive on earth – no point in having money, no point in starting a business, there would be no families, no children and no marriages. We are because of others. So live your life amicably with those around you.


  • Keep a permanent smile on your face and people will naturally be attracted to you in all of life’s situations. You will even look more trustworthy to others.
  • Acknowledge the bad in a situation and then immediately choose to feel good about it by looking for a solution to turn it around.
  • Be permanently grateful and show gratitude towards everything and everyone – especially the small things as well as the big things. You can even express silent gratitude to the God of your understanding if you can’t thank someone in person. The result: You will receive more of that which you are grateful for.
  • Be the best version of yourself (even if it means that you have to google how to dress, how to behave, how to hold a conversation, how to manage your time, how to look polished etc.)
  • How you do anything is how you do everything. Do your work and other mundane tasks with the intention to complete them to the best of your ability.NO matter how boring they may seem, no matter how slow your progress, don’t give up half way through. It reflects good character when you are not a quitter.
  • Be easy on yourself when things are not going your way or you feel impatient with your progress in life. Talk to yourself soothingly by speaking gentle yet honest words in your mind. Become your own best friend.

Vibes are real, trust them. The energy (emotions and feelings) you release out into the world and that you pick up from other people and places are real. These vibes have the ability to influence you and your personality. For example if you start a new job and your co-workers are especially negative about their work or boss, you will eventually and without knowing emulate their feelings after a few months of working there. Your energy and the energy of those around you will affect your survival and your success in life.


  • The saying “Birds of a feather flock together” or “ A man is known by the company he keeps” or “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with” all ring true here. Hang out with people you want to be like. Don’t accept anything less. Your friends, your neighbours, the schools you attend all have an impact on this. As soon as you are mature enough to choose for yourself, choose the best.
  • You attract what you are. You can’t expect to get promoted to manager if you do not hold the interpersonal qualities of a manager, even before you have the job. This applies to all aspects of your life. Don’t give off the vibes of being a slacker and expect to be treated like you’re not a slacker even if you’re “just kidding around”. Don’t be a complainer and expect people not to complain about you being a complainer. Don’t be a hater and think that people will not hate on you. Even if you say you are just kidding around by being any of these bad things – all of life is a stage and you are expected to play a perfect role even if your life is not perfect. (If you are struggling to improve yourself then practicing the saying “Fake it till you make it” will help you a lot)
  •  Think good thoughts. Once your mind set is right, any task, no matter how difficult, is 75% successfully done. This is for washing the dishes all the way through to being the CEO of your own company. Acknowledge the downside to thing but don’t dwell on the bad for too long. Immediately change the bad thoughts into something to be grateful for.
  • Be grateful for where you are and what you have achieved in your life. Know that where you are is okay for now, even though it might not be the best place or where you had wanted to be.
  • Be content about your situation. It allows you to focus on improvements much easier. Once you start fighting and berating yourself for all the things you wish you had or the things you are envious of in other people, you start losing love for yourself.
  • Dream bigger and bigger. And never stop dreaming, wishing and hoping for things for your future. You will eventually reach all of these goals after growing into the person you needed to be for that goal. And as your dreams are being reached show appreciation and gratitude to the GOD of your understanding for it.



There is great power in words.
They are responsible for our thoughts, our dreams and our wishes.
We can influence our thoughts, dreams and wishes them by what we spell and speak.
Our thoughts and emotions are influenced by the words that we read, write, sing, speak and hear.
To showcase the power of the spoken and written word, here is an excerpt from an affirmation I downloaded: https://archive.org/details/PositiveAffirmationsOnGradtitude

Your unconscious mind is incapable of judging, it just accepts whatever [words] you give it on face value.
To exemplify the power [of words] on your sub-conscious and your imagination, let’s do an experiment:

  • Picture a bright beautiful, deliciously ripe lemon
  • Picture yourself holding that lemon in your hand
  • Feel the porous texture of its bright yellow skin
  • Now imagine that you’re cutting the lemon in half with a sharp knife
  • Actually hear the sound as you slice into the lemon
  • Inside, the lemon is full of sour tangy citrus juice
  • Now picture yourself biting into this tangy lemon
  • Now at this moment, notice that your mouth has probably produced saliva

This is the power [of words] on the unconscious mind.

Here is an excerpt of another example of the power of words on your mind:

Let’s do a little thought experiment.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Imagine a pink elephant as vividly as you can.
  • It is hot pink!
  • Does it look like Dumbo?
  • Or it is like an elephant in the zoo?
  • Now, I want you to NOT think about the pink elephant.
  • Think of anything else but the pink elephant.
  • Try it for a few minutes.
  • What are you thinking of?
  • How many times did the pink elephant cross your mind?
  • Quite a few times, right?
  • Even when I told you to NOT think about it anymore.

Our minds and subconscious is incapable of filtering out words like “not” and will only focus on the important words.

• Use self-talk and positive affirmations to change your mind set, they will also help you through a difficult time.
• Pray or speak good words over yourself, over your food and drink, over everything in your life.
• Wish people well when they go on travel or have another birthday
• Look for something to be grateful for when speaking about a negative situation

Live your life like you have just fallen in love with it. Be blind to all its faults and quirks and just focus on the good things. Life will love you back. This is my promise to you.

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