Why is it that you cannot help people who are unable to sustain themselves in life by themselves? I’ve read quite a few accounts where help was attempted, ending up not ultimately helping, or suffering abuse coming from people they were helping.


They are not ready yet

The people you want to help must be ready to receive and accept your help.

People who are ready to receive help in changing their lives will display the following traits:


They must be open to receive your help. Some people are not open at all. They’ve developed a set of beliefs about who they are and how life is and they genuinely believe that they have the solutions to their problems. This is not to say that they will never be open, but they’re not open right now.


Once they are open to receive your help they must be willing to apply those solutions to their lives. People can be open to hearing your perspective on their lives but if they are unwilling to take on board what you’re saying then your help and resources will be wasted.


People you’re helping must be appreciative of the time and resources you are willing to spend to help them. They value you and what you are offering them and they wont take it for granted.


Someone who is mentally available for conversations on improving their life and interested in what you have to say. Some people are more interested in what’s going on in their own mind than what you have to say. If this is the case, then they’re not ready or open to receive your help.

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