Dear Felicia 1

Dear Felicia

He’s scared of you but he will not take your shit either. When you’re manipulating him, he may make it seem like you have the upper hand, when he has the upper hand because you keep coming back to him. Even though you know the type of man he is and what he is capable of.

What goes through your head when you pretend everything is okay, you pretend to be a happy family to the outside world?

You are one decision away from changing your life and showing the world that you are not his doormat, but you just. can’t. do it.

You are a woman and women are born with pride and dignity. Surely you had them before he took it away from you. Why do you allow him to tear the skin off your face?

You hope that manipulating him will change him. A man of that caliber will only change by his own choice and never because of a female. In fact no woman can change a man if he doesn’t want to change himself.

My wish for you is that you remember the pride and dignity you were born with, reminds you that the people in your world is watching what you decide to do, because they can’t tell you what to do , yet they still hope you will do the right thing.

So do the right thing and know that you are not worthy of the life you are forcing yourself to live with. You should take your pride and dignity and move on. Take your pride and dignity and build yourself up. Take you pride and dignity and replace them with the determination to make this relationship work with him. Because he is not for you. And you are not for him. But just because you’ve invested years of time and effort into being with him does not make your relationship automatically destined to work. Especially when you have so much hate in your heart for him already.

You hate him yet you keep coming back and manipulate him in the hopes that things will get better.

It never does.

Be a woman. Have the vagina to

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