Happy 5th Birthday my Son


Today you are a whole 5 years old.

I’m amazed by all the love and smarts that you hold in your little heart and brain. Your quiet and shy personality traits are what makes you special to your family.

All about 5-year old you:

  • Your favourite animals are dinosaurs, and you know the names of all of them. Parasaurolophus, Diplodocus, Iguanodon are some of the names you use when you talk about your dinosaurs. Your dad and sister and I get confused because we don’t know that a Raptor and a Barosaurus are the same dinosaurs but you do.
  • You watch Park Ranger Aaron and LB every night before bedtime.
  • Your best friends at school are Siphe and Thabang and this morning you were so excited to show them your dinosaur birthday cupcakes. Your school friends adore you and show excitement when they see you, but you are the cool and calm kid who doesn’t talk to anyone in class unless you want to. Your teacher still writes comments saying you are a shy and quiet boy in class, since the beginning of the school year.
  • You help me by unpacking the dishwasher and you do a damn good job folding up the washing, especially the socks.
  • You love hot wheels and your dream gift would be Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage!
  • You love to build Lego towers and shapes and you are creative in your designs. Before you had any Lego you used the plastic pegs from my washing stand to build your guns and dragons.
  • You have had a love for soft toys and blankies since you were a baby. You still ask for your favourite blankie and one soft toy at bedtime. Its called your Didi because when you were a baby you loved the fur of a cat that Mama Ziza had and because you could not say, Kitty, you ended up saying Didi. And every blankie and any soft toy has since been a Didi to all of us.

I love you my son. So does your sister and your dad. I hope you have the best birthday today. I’m leaving work in an hour to pick you up early at school and to take you shopping for your big gift.

May your life be full of adventures and positive growth. May you know that all growth is positive no matter how negative it sometimes may make you feel inside.

I hope one day you will read this and giggle at your quirks and smile and your uniqueness.

May the Almighty guide and protect you always.

Love, Mommy

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