Signs That You’re Living Life on Autopilot

Tough Love

  • You’re a passenger in the journey of your life.
  • You’re watching from the sidelines.
  • Just going with the flow.
  • You’re not actively nor critically involved in the important areas of your life.

Real life is hard work. Autopilot is usually for the mentally lazy. We all go into some form of autopilot phase at one point in our lives. Unfortunately, some of us never leave there.

My list below focuses on the important areas of your life.

To live a stable, balanced life you must focus equal amounts of time and energy on all of them.

If you continue to neglect one area, you will eventually break something (like your marriage or your health).

While on autopilot, some of you may spend excessive time and energy in only one area of your life and neglect the other areas, like the workaholics or the gym bunnies (but that’s a post for another day). This is a reminder to those on this extreme opposite of the autopilot spectrum that there is more to life than just work or the gym or your kids.

To live a balanced life we have to give equal chunks of time and energy to each area of our lives.

  • You don’t know you’re on autopilot.
  • Every day feels the same. You can’t remember the last time you did anything worth remembering.
  • You can’t remember what you wore yesterday.
  • In spite of all of the above, you tell yourself you are ‘content‘with your life.
  • You accept that your stresses and the problems in your life are just your luck. There is nothing you can do to change it.
  • Your current job is not your first choice for making a living or a life. It pays the bills so you stick with it and you go through the motions every day. You have no thoughts of growth or a change in career.
  • You’re earning enough money to live your life contentedly. You’re not really sure if you’re earning enough to satisfy your future needs. You don’t bother to set yourself up for future growth in wealth – you’re just content with what you have.
Health & Fitness
  • Your physical health is not an issue – it’s the responsibility of the fast food outlets you eat from and the grocery stores you shop at. They will never sell me anything that’s bad for my health.
  • You choose to have no friends. You don’t need them. You tell yourself you’re too busy with work or your kids or going to the gym, to hang out.
  • You provide for your children’s basic needs. You work hard to do that. You believe it’s enough.
  • You don’t bond with your children. You don’t nurture them. You sometimes don’t talk to them. You think there’s anything wrong with that.
  • You think since you’re ‘present’ during their childhood, you’re doing the best parenting you can.
  • No one can judge you if your kids make bad choices in their adult life. You believe there’s nothing more you could’ve done to prepare them for adulthood.
  • You continue your mere parental presence in their lives until they become adults.
  • Since you didn’t make an effort to get to know your kids on a personal and more friendly level, they hardly feel a connection to you when you get old.
  • You end up being the unpleasant relative who they don’t want to visit. You don’t know why.
  • You can’t spend time with your parents or extended family because of work or your children’s busy schedule.
  • You don’t spend time alone with your spouse. Your spouse must understand that you work hard or you take care of the house and kids all day. Naturally, you are tired. They must understand.
  • You haven’t expressed love or affection or gratitude towards your spouse and you blame it on your busy-ness.
  • Your life isn’t fun because real life isn’t fun. You believe in real life you must be serious all the time. You are too busy for fun.
  • You don’t contribute to society or to needy individuals within your community. You believe it’s someone else’s job (like the government or the church’s) and not your own.
Personal Growth
  • You’re either not interested in reading or you only read books that fit your point of view. You watch too much tv, movies and the news. You believe that this is the best and only way to pass your time.
  • You believe you have limited abilities. That you are too old to learn or to go back to university.
  • Whether you realise this or not, you are disconnected from yourself and from your God. You follow the people in power of your religion rather than what your God is telling you to do. You are unaware that all the Gods advocate love. If your religion’s not teaching love you better check yourself and the path you are on. If your religion teaches love, make sure they show love in their actions.
  • Your inner voice speaks in a negative way. This does not alarm you and you listen to it anyway. This is also the way you speak to the world.
  • You don’t appreciate a compliment and you cancel it out by saying something negative about yourself.
  • You don’t have an opinion on your abilities. You’re content with having average or below average abilities. You don’t know how to love and appreciate yourself.
  • You believe focussing on the problems and negativities in your life will make you more humble.

The first step is to admit which of the habits above you’re guilty of. The next step is not to pack out and live there with your guilt. Thank yourself for being brave enough to acknowledge your faults. Promise yourself you will find ways to be better.

Make the choice to be less busy and to want a little more than your life situation can give. Spread your time and energy equally over all the areas of your life.

To overcome any of the above traits and habits is a post for another day, but if any of the above resonated with you, better to check yourself here.




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