What do you think about an ex-fiancé writing to my psychiatrist telling him how to correct my behaviour in order for me to have successful future relationships?


In any relationship, the good ones and the bad ones, both parties play a part in the success and the demise of a relationship.

Your ex believes that YOU are the cause and will be the cause of the demise of your current and future relationships.

Perhaps your ex thinks they are helping the future of humanity by doing this.

Or perhaps your ex is a narcissist displaying traits of a superiority complex.

If your psychiatrist is worth their salt they will contact your ex to make an appointment for them.


  • Their attitude towards you is reflecting their own mental inadequacies
  • Not being willing to accept their part in the demise of the relationship.
  • Only focusing on the faults of others and believing they don’t have any faults to improve on.

Not your ex, nor your psychiatrist can correct or change you.

You and only you is the corrector and the change-maker in your life.

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