When You’re Too Old For Social Media



I’ll be 34 next year so I’m considered a ‘millennial’ if you have to define me by a generation. Yet, I’ve been slow on the uptake of the different modes of social media out there. This is probably because I’m a ‘slightly older’ millennial, so I feel overwhelmed by all the methods of social media.


I love and appreciate that the world is changing. I’m especially aware of the growth in technology and that our world is moving from the information age towards the imagination age. All modes of technology have a place, we just have to find our own way of using it. And mostly because I have FOMO (aka fear of missing out, for my older readers out there).

Here’s a list of my favourite social media channels, why and how I use them on a daily basis and how you can too.


I don’t think there is a human on this planet who didn’t have a facebook account once in their life. I use Facebook to connect with my friends and family from all over the world. I don’t friend anyone I haven’t met personally and I keep my profile private. I like and follow pages that interest me and I share posts that resonate with my purpose in life – To make others great and becoming great by doing so. I use my profile to motivate and inspire family and friends and my FB posts are a message to myself first and foremost.


I’m on Twitter for anything NEWSworthy. I search for the hashtag that I’m interested in and voila! I get a live feed, blow by blow account of what happened, with comments and sarcasm, for free. (See the recent events like #IdolsSA #blackfriday and #zimbabwecoup) I also use it to watch and laugh at Donald Trump and his antics). And since I don’t watch much TV, because I’m too busy, Twitter is my perfect companion to stay updated on current events. It’s actually 100 times more entertaining than reality TV!


Instagram is my yellow pages for when I need anything from a cupcake to a new hairstyle. It’s a reliable source for referrals and to verify the creator and the quality of a product. It’s heaven for an online shopper, to have all your favourite stores in one place.

Here are a few of my favourite local accounts:


My life has improved dramatically since discovering Pinterest. It’s my one-stop shop for information and graphics.

I use it for:


When I have a question that needs an answer to, I search for it on Quora. It’s like my subconscious giving me advice and sometimes I even answer other people’s questions. It’s also interesting reading material when I’m bored. Most answers are not what you would expect and that’s what I love about it.


Now you have less of an excuse to start prancing around on these social channels. You won’t feel so weird and out of place if you use my strategy above or develop a strategy of your own.

The reasons above are enough to keep me busy until my next birthday 🙂

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